Nestle CERELAC® Infant Cereal Rice (400 G)

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Product Features:

  • Nestlé CERELAC Rice is a convenient and nutritionally adapted complementary food that is easy to digest.
  • 400g Tin.
  • CERELAC is:
    • Made with 100% natural ingredients,
    • Fortified with key minerals and vitamins to prevent nutritional deficiencies such as iron, zinc, Calcium, vitamins A and C.
    • Helps support babies’ natural defenses
    • Helps support normal growth and development.
    • Contains BIFIDUS BL which are naturally active cultures that help to reinforce the babies’ natural defenses
    • Ensures easy digestibility.
  • CERELAC® Stage 1 (1st spoon, from 6 months) helps the baby adapt easily from milk to solids.


  • Rice flour, Skimmed milk, Sucrose, Palm Olein, Caramel, Low erucic rapeseed oil, Coconut oil, Sunflower oil, Sodium phosphate, Calcium carbonate, Vitamins, Ferrous fumarate, Vanillin, Bifidus culture, Zinc sulphate, Potassium iodide. It may contain traces of Gluten.